About us

StudioDago is an importer of exclusive interior decoration materials and a  provider of  a full range of services to retail customers and larger developments. Among our customers are individual clients, developers, contractors, industrial investors and various institutions. We guarantee full material supply logistics to the specified address within time limits aligned to customer preferences.

Our individual customers are welcome to consult our architects who offer assistance  in selecting the right assortment and developing an interior design of their apartments and  houses.

StudioDago provides a variety of solutions aimed at cost optimization for the construction of commercial and business premises, industrial and retail units, and especially hotels. We are one of the few companies which provide full technical support and consultancy related to system solutions, such as swimming pools, spas, baths, terraces, industrial kitchens and many others.
Yachts and shipbuilding require a different approach. Our offer includes installation systems of ceramic tiles and glass mosaic tiles for any kinds of surfaces.

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